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International Airport of Catanzaro - Lamezia
Catanzaro is served by an important International Airport located just 28 km away from the center and located on the Tyrrhenian side of the Catanzaro metropolitan area, in S.Eufemia in the Municipality of Lamezia Terme. The direct connection is guaranteed by the convenient highway 280 (15 minutes by car). The Catanzaro airport is the most important in the region and is connected with the main national and international airports through daily flights.
To find out more:

TAXI Airport: 0968.51722

Railways of Calabria
Catanzaro is connected by the Ferrovie della Calabria through two railway lines:
1.Cosenza - Catanzaro center;
2.Catanzaro Centro - Marina di Catanzaro (with surface metropolitan function).
For information and timetables:

state Railways
To quickly reach Catanzaro by train, from the main Italian cities, you can stop at Lamezia Terme station and then connect to the capital with the railway connections to the "Catanzaro centrale" station in Loc. Germaneto or by taxi and bus services.

For timetables, visit the website:

TAXI train station: 0968.51723

Catanzaro can also be reached from the cities distributed along the Ionian Taranto-Reggio Calabria, stopping off at the station in the "Catanzaro Lido" fishing district.

Roads and highways
Catanzaro can be reached from the main Italian cities along the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway, exiting at the junction for "Catanzaro" and continuing on the SS 280 "dei Due Mari" for about 30 kilometers.

Catanzaro can be reached from the Ionian belt along the SS 106 (E-90) Taranto-Reggio Calabria: those coming from the south, to reach the city center, arrived at the Lido district, must take the provincial road in Germaneto (9 kilometers) and getting back onto the SS280 "dei Due mari", direction Catanzaro centro (2 km);

who comes from the north, near the lido district loc. Bellino, crossroads for the Santa Maria district, then Strada dei Due Mari to the center of Catanzaro (about 7 kilometers)

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