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The altar has a high architectural pediment, decorated with paired Corinthian columns and ended by a coping decorated with a bas-relief depicting the Eternal Blessing Father. The 2017 restorations brought the entire work back to its original luster. On the sides there are two stucco statues depicting Hope and Charity : they have been patiently reconstructed during the restorations by reassembling the numerous fragments.

The statue placed in the niche in the center represents Maria SS. of Constantinople, Patroness of the Confraternity ( 19th century , papier-mâché, local manufacture).

The pilasters of the chapel are adorned in the center by two Baroque coats of arms decorated in stucco, representing the Archconfraternity and the eight-pointed Maltese Cross.

On the left wall: The Preaching of St. Francis Xavier in the Indies (18th century). Among the founders of the Jesuits, he was a missionary in India and Japan. He died in 1552 in an attempt to bring the Gospel to China.

To the right of the altar: The Immaculate Madonna (17th century) , surrounded by symbols and titles of her spiritual attributes taken from the Loreto litanies.

To the left of the altar: The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa of Avila (17th century). Saint Teresa is one of the most eminent figures of Christianity in the modern age. Her very high contemplative spirituality animated her in the intense activity of reform of the Carmelite Order and ecclesial renewal. This painting portrays the episode of her transverberation: with the tip of a fiery spear, an angel touches her heart, leaving her “all inflamed with the great love of God”.

01 - Cappella della Madonna di Costantin
02 - Cappella della Madonna di Costantin
03 - Cappella della Madonna di Costantin
04 - Cappella della Madonna di Costantin
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