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It has a late seventeenth-century stucco architectural pediment, which adorned an altar demolished in the 1960s. In the center there remains a small niche, currently hidden by a contemporary painting depicting S. Andrea and San Biagio , made with a mixed technique by the contemporary Amalfi master Angelo Di Lieto.

Recent archaeological surveys have brought to light, in the area of ​​the chapel, traces of pre-existing masonry works and of an ancient underground burial, of which the barrel roof is visible.

The baptismal font was transferred to the sides of the central altar, according to the new liturgical norms.

The chapel was once dedicated to the SS. Crucifix , as can be seen from the inscriptions on the vault bearing the Messianic prophecies of Isaiah.

On the left of the chapel, in a glass case, there is the Bust of St. John the Baptist , a work in wood carved in the round and painted, dating back to the 17th century.  

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